About Us


Prior to Management buying the property it was Grogan Auto. Where our inventory now sits was a 30ft graded drop off that contained approx. 600 tonnes of scrap metal, a dilapidated office building, and the old farm house that was last renovated in the 1970’s.

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Since bought over by management 5 years ago the scrap metal was removed and recycled, the office building and farmhouse completely renovated. The farmhouse, located on the outskirts of the property, is now rented long term and is set away from the business with a separate access point.

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With the assistance of the Toronto & Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA) an agricultural buffer wall separates the property used in the business from the surrounding properties as well as additional foliage at the front of the property to add curb appeal. The water source on the edge of the property has been cleaned up and fenced in with additional trees added. We have received approval from the TRCA that all of their requirements have been met.

Additionally we have built a separate building close to the entrance where all End of Life vehicles start. Before a vehicle enters the main yard all Hazardous Material is removed from the vehicle, ensuring that no pollution enters the yard.

All of these changes in the last 5 years were not only done to convert the once scrap yard into a fully approved environmentally friendly recycling centre, but also to offer comfort to the community that we are working hard at protecting their air and soil.